Nowadays, the refresh rate is highlighted a lot by the companies making smartphones. Although very few people know the meaning of refresh rate. The refresh rate of mobile or smart TV is measured in Hertz. Often in the phone, we pay more attention to what is the RAM or its storage and processor, but now people have also started seeing the refresh rate in the phone.

Although people often see more than 30Hz in their phones and we are happy with that, but sometimes 30Hz refresh rate does not work, the simple meaning of refresh rate is that how many times your phone’s display is refreshed in a second. Are and this refresh rate is calculated in Hz.

Benefits of High Refresh Rates

Sports or action scenes can be seen better in mobile or TV with high refresh rate. The faster the frames are rendered, the smoother the display. Along with this, the experience of great scrolling is available. If we say in simple language, then there is no problem of lag in mobile and TV. If you stream the same video, then the games with heavy graphics will be able to run smoothly. Often, when visuals get stuck during games or video streaming, we say that this is happening due to low RAM or simple processor, but it does not happen every time, but it also happens due to lack of refresh rate.

However, just because the refresh rate is high or medium does not mean that the graphics in the phone will look correct because even in the video resolution where 720p goes to HD but it is not considered the highest resolution, where does 1080p go to Full HD and in today’s time This is also not the highest resolution, 1080p is just the minimum requirement in any phone if you want to see clear images and videos.

Disadvantage of Refresh Rates

High refresh rate also has its disadvantages. A smartphone or TV with a higher refresh rate consumes more power. However, now smartphone companies are giving the option to change the refresh rate during gaming and high graphics usage. Also, a large battery and fast charging support are provided in the phone.

The higher the refresh rate of the phone, the more battery it consumes. Phone companies have to struggle a lot to solve the problem, that is why the phone. There is a sufficient refresh rate of 60-90Hz.

Smart Refresh Rate?

Ever since the iPhone 13 was launched, people have started looking at the RAM, processor and storage as well as the refresh rate. If the phone has a high refresh rate, then the phone battery will also consume more, its direct effect will be on the user using the phone.

For this reason, now the higher refresh rate in the phone has become smart, it means to say that if you are doing a simple task in the phone, then automatically the refresh rate of the display will decrease.